Our Story

There is no man so wild as the one who is free.

Man So Wild was founded on the philosophy that life is to be spent in the freedom of adventure and travel. After years working through the drudgery of employment and academia, with only the occasional travel escape, I decided enough was enough. The world is calling. I made the decision to quit my job and found a company which shares in the things and ideas that make me feel most liberated. Hiking a mountain, camping deep in the forest, exploring a new city, kayaking a crystal-clear river, raising a beer with new brothers and sisters in a foreign place. This is life.

Man So Wild arose out of a need to live that life and to help others live it too. This isn’t just travel gear or adventure gear, this is a way to live. I know what it is like to spend your days 9-5 working at someone else’s cause. That mutes your wild soul. I buck that tradition in favor of freedom. I aim to live in such a way that people say they’ve never seen a man so wild, and I expect the same of you!

-Will Hill, Founder